Sunday, 30 June 2013

How To Earn With PTC site


Hey friends today i am going to show you how you can earn with VILVIN.NET.
as many of you know that there are a lot of PTC sites like Neobux , Probux , Clixsense , online incomebux , paybux , the-bux , earn-on , fasterpaidbux etc and hundreds of PTC sites exists on internet but WHY I AM TALKING ABOUT ONLY VILVIN. 

many of you can say that Neobux and Clixsense are pioneer in this business and have a lot of GOODWILL but why Only VILVIN........

I can give you a simple clarification for which most of you cannot deny.Neobux is working from 2008 and still working but there is a huge difference over a period of 5 years and now a days is called KING of PTC . Now a days they are only getting members only by their Goodwill but earning at Neobux will frustrate you alot.because they give only 1-2 cents a day and their RENTED Refferals are also not so good even they do not cover your purchasing expense and so on........

Clixsense is also working from past 5 years but as you know that they does not have rented refferals option which is a worst point and per day earning is just 2 cents.........

VILVIN is a little bit new  and was online on about mid of 2012 but it is a good site because i have personal experience about a days vilvin is one of the best paying site on internet.the MAIN REASON i personally like vilvin is its RENTED REFFERALS.
i think so that rented reffeals are the main source of earning at any ptc site because they help to increase your earnings a lot and if rented refferals are not good then your earning will be very slow.
there is no option of rented refferals at clixsense so in my perception it is not suited. rented refferals at neobux does not give you back even your own money so i will not go for it because i have experienced it and wasted alot of time.and rest the sites rented refferals are too much expensive..........

AT vilvin rented refferals are relatively very cheap then others and their rate of return is very good.they have many options.rented refferals really work . membership upgradations are also cheap.members can exchange their earnings with each other which is also a best option and none of other ptc site give you this option. binary option is also available and no limit on direct refferals

i guarantee you that this site is 100% legit and to assure you that this site is a good paying site i have already an offer for you

IF you still have not any believe on me then i have nothing to assure you but except i have provided you.


you can avail this offer at any time before it expires

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